Flex Band

Fitbit FlexLooks like on the wrist accessories, adapting to whatever you wear. But Flex is a device that helps improve the quality of your life.Never stop moving with Fitbit Flex. Wear this slim, stylish device all the time and get the motivation you need to get out and be more active.This is Best Selling Product which searched a lot of people.
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Flex Band can be worn while you are in the shower, or working out. It is sweat-proof, rain-proof, water resistant, and can be submerged in water up to ten meters.

LED Indicator Lights
Fitbit Flex features a display that consists of 5 LED indicator lights. These lights communicate a variety of feedback to you, including; goal progress, battery charging, sleep mode.

Flex Band Checking your goal progress
Flex Band Tracks ThingsWhen you tap Fitbit Flex twice with your finger, the LED indicator lights will show how much of your goal you’ve accomplished.

Each fully lit indicator represents 20% of your total goal. A blinking light shows the current segment of the goal you’re working on.

When you reach your goal, Fitbit Flex will vibrate and flash the LED indicator lights to celebrate.

Sensors and motors
Fitbit Flex uses a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer that measures your motion patterns to determine your calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, and sleep quality.
Flex also contains a vibration motor, which allows it to vibrate when alarms go off.

What Fitbit Flex tracks :

  • Steps taken
  • Calories burned
  • Distance traveled
  • Very Active Minutes
  • Time asleep
  • Number of times awoken

What’s included :

  • Flex tracker
  • Charging cable
  • Wireless sync dongle
  • 1 small and 1 large wristband

Where to Buy Fitbit Flex

Flex BandYou can buy Fitbit Flex from many big retailers offline or online like amazone, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc. But which one is the best ? We have done work for you, we find the best place to buy Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband is at Amazone.com. This Giant online retailers give the best price which include Free Shipping (in US only).

Amazone is a reputable company that stand out in costumer services. You will have a piece of mind because not only they will make sure you get the gift on time but they are very actively in updating you the status of your gift delivery. Gift wrapping is also available for just a small additional fee.


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